Thanks to your active participation in our pursuit of world class, we now have better, clearer insight into what matters to those who work here, those we serve and our valued external partners.

Here’s a quick snapshot to bring you up to speed on what has been done, and what you can expect to happen between now and the rollout of our new strategic directions and 7-year goals – coming to a site near you in April 2019!

What has been done?

November to mid-December

  • ~40% of PHC people made time to add their voice to PHC’s new 7-year plan, both in-person and online (or both!).
  • 33 facilitators from 9 different program areas hosted 60+ conversations and created a summary of highlights based on your responses.

Mid-December to mid-January

  • All in-person feedback and the 280+ ideas captured on Bloom were imported into a qualitative analysis software.
  • These inputs were first reviewed for consistently emerging themes (a “sentiment analysis”), which were summarized and shared with senior leadership to validate the areas PHC need to focus on over the next 7 years.

Where we are at now?

Pursuit of World Class table

What to expect over the next few months

We will continue to share more biweekly recaps of your feedback that surfaced through engagement here on Bloom (AKA: your one-stop-shop for all things strategic planning) and PHC News over the next few months as PHC leadership continues to work on solidifying the components of the new plan, and sequencing the work that needs to be tackled first.

Further analysis of the engagement data is now being done at a site and audience level.

A Final Note

If you don’t happen to see your specific idea or piece of feedback reflected in these preliminary sentiments, the deeper analysis that is being done on a site and audience level will encapsulate further soundbites from our people and team, and will be shared with teams starting in May 2019 to help develop action plans and ensure that the work you’re endeavouring to get done over the next 7 years reflects the actions that are meaningful to you and your specific program / department / service.

In closing, thank you so much. The time that you have put into this process has, and is continuing to, make a difference.

Here’s to our pursuit of world class, and an amazing journey to Providence 2026, together.