​We’ve made huge progress these past two years, and construction continues to move full steam ahead. We’re almost done pouring concrete for the first floor and we’re now starting to pour the second floor.

This year, we’ll really see the hospital rise up from the ground as floors two through seven will be poured by the end of the year.

Size and activity ‘boggles the mind’​​​

Kevin Little, senior manager of design and project delivery, gives a tour of the new St. Paul’s Hospital construction site​​​

To celebrate all the progress, members of the New St. Paul’s Hospital Project Team toured the construction site this month – some for the very first time.​​

“It honestly boggles the mind, the sheer size and volume of work that’s happening on the site,” says Ginette Potentier, project manager with the clinical planning team. “When we see things on paper, and now coming and seeing it in real life, it makes you conceptualize things a little differently and better understand the parameters we need to work within when we’re giving clinical feedback.”

Don Brent, project manager with the equipment planning team, adds: “It’s really amazing to see how massive this site is and how many people and equipment are deployed to make this happen. It really puts it into perspective all the decisions we have to make and the timelines we have to make them by because it’s all happening!”

Even those who’ve visited before were impressed by how much progress has been made.

“To go from a hole in the ground to something rising above the ground is pretty exciting,” says Craig Harris, a senior project and change management lead with the clinical planning team. “The loading docks were really cool. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at them on paper but it really exceeded my expectations to see the size and scale of them in person.”

Check out the latest site photos and watch video of the amazing progress these past few years: