​Lynette Best was Chief of Professional Practice and Nursing for Providence Health Care from 2002 until her retirement in 2007.  Lynette advanced the idea of incorporating a Patient Safety Office as a centralized resource to the organization.  Her foresight has allowed Providence Health Care to be at the forefront of many provincial and national patient safety initiatives.

The “Best” Patient Safety & Quality Award is designed to recognize the efforts of our staff who seek to improve the care delivered within PHC, and create an environ​ment where safe, quality care is the responsibility of all members of the team. The award identifies those who have shown innovation and commitment to the development or redesign of systems and processes that we use to meet the needs of our patients and residents.

We would like to invite any person or team who have had the passion to invest in a quality improvement project in the last couple of years to submit an application using this form​​​.

Deadline for submissions is Friday, April 8, 2022.

Entry submissions should be emailed to patientsafety@providencehealth.bc.ca

If you have any questions, please contact Liz Flores at lflores@providencehealth.bc.ca