On March 23, 2023, residents of the long-term care home, St. Vincent’s Langara (SVL), were at last able to receive their first haircuts in the new salon space.

In early 2022 SVL received a very generous donation through the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation to improve a common resident space. After surveying residents and families, the overwhelming majority asked for the donation to go towards creating a salon space. Hairdressing services within long-term care homes were paused during the Covid-19 pandemic and are now slowly returning.

With this direction from residents and families, the team at SVL got to work. A shower room in one of the neighbourhoods was selected to be partly renovated into a salon. Residents were involved in selecting the colour scheme and some design elements. One of the feature items for this space is a height adjustable hair-washing sink which allows residents sitting in wheelchairs of various heights to have a comfortable salon experience.

After a long wait to complete renovations, residents are now enjoying their newly improved space. As they leave the salon with big smiles across their faces, they are greeted by the oohs and aahs of staff admiring their fresh looks. One resident remarked as she waited her turn that her hair had grown so long she didn’t feel like herself. Once she received her haircut she was thrilled with the results. Thank you to the donor and SVL team for creating a space that brings such joy to the residents.

People and Family-centred Care