As additional PHC clinics start to use the CST Cerner system, more patient information will be made available electronically and workflows will start to become more seamless across all areas of PHC. Each time a clinic comes online, there will be some key pieces of information other areas should note.

Below is important information to note regarding the latest upcoming activation.

As of Nov 22nd, the following clinics will be live on CST Cerner:

  • SPH Adult Bleeding Disorders Program
  • SPH Hemoglobinopathy
  • SPH East Van Community Dialysis Unit  “Optimization”
  • SPH Sarcoid Clinic
  • SPH Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Clinic
  • SPH Inherited Arrhythmia
  • SPH Rapid Access Specialist Clinics:
      • SPH Allergy and Immunology Clinic
      • SPH General Internal Medicine Clinic
      • SPH Post COVID Recovery Clinic
      • SPH Stroke Clinic
      • SPH Thrombosis Clinic
      • SPH Primary Immunodeficiency Transition Clinic
      • SPH Palliative Clinic
      • SPH Internal Medicine Vascular Clinic
      • SPH Neurology Clinic
      • SPH Internal Medicine OB Clinic
      • SPH Hypertension Clinic

Please see ​ 4.1 Cycle 6 PHC Clinics Split Actvation Updated Referral Memo-V3.pdf and  4.2 PHC CST – Split Activation Top FAQs.pdf for important information regarding the latest upcoming activation.