This week celebrates the profession of Spiritual Health across the country and at PHC.

As part of our Mission at Providence Health Care, we believe that spiritual health is an important part of whole-person care, and most especially at the times when people are made most vulnerable by their health care needs. When physical or mental health becomes compromised, our emotional and spiritual selves can help us find balance, peace and hope.

PHC’s Spiritual Health Practitioners come alongside patients, residents, and their families at poignant moments when it may feel like the ground is shifting underneath one’s feet. We also support our colleagues across the organization, as we navigate the complexities, heartbreaks and joys of providing health care.

PHC’s Spiritual Health Practitioners support all ‘Providence People’. For some, this may mean connecting to a religious or spiritual path, while for others this may mean connecting to loved ones, nature, or with other important traditions. In all ways our team strives to support the significant moments in peoples’ lives, and to help – through spiritual health – to seek and experience inner strength and peace.

Want to learn more about the work Spiritual Health Pra​ctitioners do at PHC? Keep an eye out for this Infographic that will be popping up across the organization,check it out below!