The research that was done in the lead-up to last fall’s engagement – i.e., reviewing of previous surveys, reports, assessments, stats, etc. – informed the themes captured in the 5-minute and 15-minute summaries and gave insight into the areas where you’ve already told us that PHC is doing well, where PHC can get better, and ideas you had to bridge the gap between.

Using these insights, four questions were crafted to dig a bit deeper into some of the areas where we needed more of your input to help put together a 7-year plan that will pave the way to Providence 2026. Those questions explored our people, our vision, our uniqueness, and our pursuit of world class.

Today we are sharing the first round of insights and themes that you shared throughout last fall’s engagement activities.

Sharing Engagement Findings

Not surprisingly, a consistent theme that we heard across the organization, regardless of the question that was asked, circled back to quality.

Quality as it relates to the outcomes, safety and experience of those we serve, as it connects to the use of technology, as it is reflected in our sites’ cleanliness, as it frames how we look at value, as it supports our desire to provide patients and residents with the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

There was a clear sense of pride heard throughout the organization around our efforts to treat the whole person, and the team approach taken to caring for those we serve. Discussions surfaced around our unique patient populations and the metrics we are measured against, and the need to talk to the people we serve, early, about what their goals of care are to make sure their outcomes align with what matters most to them.

And while our care makes up a large portion of what we do, another theme we heard was the need to go beyond the clinical care we provide and work on perfecting the details, the auxiliary components that create someone’s entire experience in our care.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the soundbites we heard along the way:

  • “We are able to provide the best support for people in their worst time; because we are multidisciplinary we provide holistic support through a journey that changes their lives.” – Healthy Heart Staff Member
  • “Do something at every single level for the patient. When it’s busy, we don’t always do that. Look at Disney. Mandatory reading for all of us should be: “If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 ½ Things You Would Do Differently.” – HIM Focus Group
  • “Savings can happen if we are more in tune with patients’ wants and needs.” – St. Paul’s Staff Member
  • “The whole reason we are here is to make the people here feel loved, safe and cared for, and to make it their home away from home.” – Brock Fahrni Town Hall
  • “Compassion is a qualitative aspect and yet our evaluation is mostly quantitative. If the numbers take over our vision, then the vision could be affected.” – Healthy Heart Staff Member
  • “We are always striving to seek improvement, do things in a different way to provide the patient with the best care. We won’t turn anybody away. We embrace all people” – Allied Health Staff
  • “Enable reporting systems for patients throughout their entire journey.” – PHC Physician
  • “I like that if we feel a patient will benefit for a few extra days, we can keep them.” – Holy Family Physiotherapist
  • “We are not blame oriented, we are improvement oriented.” – Brock Fahrni Staff Member
  • “St. Paul’s has gotten rid of a front desk. When you come in, there’s not always someone to greet you. There is a nurse on our unit who says every time she walks on the corridors she directs at least 2 to 3 people on where they need to go. Patient experience starts as soon as they walk in.” – St. Paul’s Staff Member
  • “Look at quality of life as an outcome as opposed to mortality and morbidity rates, re-admissions. There’s a need to shift our focus.” – Allied Health Staff

We’re on a journey to transform health care by 2026, and we’ll do it by working together to tackle the areas where we need to improve, and celebrating where we’re shining.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share; your input was captured, summarized and shared with senior leaders to help validate the work we need to focus on for the next 7 years.

If there’s anything missing in the high-level findings above, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Look for the next round of engagement data highlights to be posted here on March 1!