Since November 6, you have all shown up for and weighed in on the four questions we’ve been asking across the organization, which will help bring insight and meaning to the areas that we know will be key in mapping out our way forward. Here are just some of the highlights from the past 5 weeks spent together, defining our future state.

What we have heard back from 60+ in-person touchpoints that were designed to give staff, medical staff, researchers, volunteers, those we serve, and our health care partners will literally take weeks to mine through and collate and theme. And wow, is there some powerful stuff coming in.

From this week alone, we heard:

  • We don’t say no, we say how.
  • Working in different clinics has shown me that there are many different processes for getting to the same result. One clinic does it one way and one does it another. Consistency across our processes would help.
  • Can we be sent for language training so that as much as possible, our language capabilities match those of the residents?
  • I found my home here. It’s the first time I felt my opinion mattered.
  • We need to come up with a process on how we live these values internally. We do a lot of engagement and values translation with our patients but not necessarily internally.
  • The new St. Paul’s must consider space for research and research expansion. We should work with UBC as we build the new research facility.
  • Have residents and staff involved in the cooking. Bring the smells of food cooking into the facility instead of just receiving it on a tray.
  • Wellness for staff needs to be prioritized in the same way that research or technical skills are. In health care this is a new concept. Shifting our culture to show staff that their wellness is important, that we’re making time for it and creating space for it, that it goes beyond just accessing their benefits but that it transcends to how staff are able to take care of themselves while on shift – leadership in this area would make us world class.
  • You don’t need a big budget to do stuff like verbally recognize your staff, or pull them aside to check in – it’s just remembering to do stuff like that.
  • To retain good people, we need salary support for mid- and senior-level investigators. Younger generations of researchers are attracted to work with senior researchers they admire.
  • We need to bring the health care we’re teaching here out into the community.
  • This hospital is colourful; it serves all walks of life – we accept everyone. That’s what I like about it.

Good stuff, right? Read up on the conversations that happened this week in the News and Updates section of Bloom.

Winner, winner – chat with Fiona at Dinner

This week, we did another round of prize draws to thank everyone who took the time to register on Bloom, and attend our in-person forums and town halls. We’ve picked winners for the prizes below – if you were one of the lucky recipients, look for an email in the account that you registered with us to get the details on what you won, and sort out how we can best connect you with your prize!

  • Dinner with Fiona Dalton, PHC’s President & CEO (multiple winners for same dinner)
  • Vancouver Canucks Game Tickets for two
  • Professional Family Photoshoot
  • Amazon Echo ($75 value)
  • Amazon Kindle E-Reader
  • Van Dusen Festival of Lights Tickets for two
  • Chapters Gift Cards ($50)
  • Walmart Gift Cards ($10 value each)
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  • $75 gift card for jewellery from a local jeweller Mindan
  • Dublin Calling Restaurant Gift Cards ($25 value each)

For everyone who didn’t win, know that the time you took and the thoughts you added are so very valued, and will be imperative in creating the Providence of 2026.

And don’t forget – Bloom is still open for business!

Even with formal in-person engagement activities having come to an end today, Bloom has been extended so that we can continue to capture more great ideas and comments until December 31 – so whether it’s on shift, at home, in the line-up at the grocery store, head to and let us know what will make the next years at Providence meaningful to you.

And there will be yet another prize draw the week of January 7, where we will be pulling names for an espresso maker, a New York Times 1-Year Subscription and $10 Starbucks gift cards. Register on Bloom today! (and those who have already registered, or attended a forum or town hall — not to worry. Your name will be included in this January draw, too).

Thank you again for making the first phase of creating our way forward a success. To see where we’re heading next, take a look at the timeline below and stay tuned to this space (and Bloom!). And huge appreciation to the program areas whose staff stepped into this engagement process and outside of their job descriptions to make sure that these important conversations were had:

  • HIM
  • Medical Affairs
  • Quality & Safety, ADS & HR
  • St. Paul’s Redevelopment Project
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Volunteer Services
  • Learning & Organizational Change
  • Communications & Public Affairs
Line-up of events