During Patient Safety Week, October 25-29, Providence was honoured to have several exceptional patient safety leaders present in live virtual sessions. These virtual sessions are now available for viewing via the links below:

​Dr. Garth Hunte spoke about his vision for our organization, that Providence will embrace the broader perspective that safety is more than the absence of harm. In today’s complex health care landscape, safety is a challenge for which linear thinking is insufficient. The health care system, of which we are all a part, requires adaptation to anticipate, respond and sustain operational performance under varying conditions. We can move in this direction by fostering expertise, teaming and joy, nurturing inter-actions and facilitating adaptive capacity. The goal, therefore, is to enact resilient system performance by creating foresight about the changing shape of risk and facilitating action before people are harmed.

​Click here to watch Dr. Hunte’s presentation

Dr. Pat Croskerry shared with us his thinking on the “cognitive traps” that can impact our clinical decision making process, and the variety of cognitive biases that may be lurking below the level of recognition for many clinicians.

Click here to watch Dr. Croskerry’s presentation

Dr. Jeanne Huddleston unleashed her passion for improving both patient safety and the experience for those providing care. She focused on the harms that can come when there is delayed recognition of deteriorating conditions, which is one of the Opportunities for Improvement we have uncovered in our own mortality reviews, and encouraged us to continue to move forward with tools that will assist in early recognition.

​Click here to watch Dr. Huddleston’s presentation

Rodrigo Batista, our Patient Safety Leader, led three PSLS sessions During Patient Safety Week. He focused on an introduction on how and when to use PSLS, how to analyze data coming from PSLS and the importance of the learnings coming from that data. There were many learnings from his sessions!

PSLS 1: https://youtu.be/jTK4jdhbqgE

PSLS 2: https://youtu.be/YU8vjoundlw

PSLS 3: https://youtu.be/dOZopeBHW9A

And in case you missed it, we also featured Beena Parappilly with a reflection on patient safety week, and the importance of reporting near miss events in PSLS. Here are the links:


An example of a ‘Good Catch’!


For more information on patient safety week, please visit the Quality team intranet site.