Dear Providence and Medical Staff,

Today, I am pleased to launch the next Pulse Check Survey where we ask your level of agreement with four key statements:

• I am likely to recommend Providence Health Care as a place to work to someone close to me.

• I am likely to recommend Providence Health Care as a place to receive care to someone close to me.

• I am able to balance my family and personal life with work.

• I regularly reflect on our PHC Mission, Vision and Values when I make important decisions and/or problem solve at work.

This quarter, you will have the opportunity to share the name of a colleague who in the last 4 months has brought joy to your workday.

The more people who tell us how they feel four times per year, the more we have a good sense of trends in staff experience. Please take two minutes to complete this short survey.

CLICK HERE to take your PHC Pulse Check Survey

The survey is open until Thursday, June 9, 2022.

Please know that I read all of your responses and comments, which are anonymous, unless you choose to identify yourself in the comment.

Your comments and input are used to advance our Mission: Forward Strategic Directions and they show us how we’re doing in key areas as well as what we can do to take action on the things that concern you, so please do continue to participate. Your feedback truly does make a difference.

To see the results of the Winter Pulse Check Survey, please visit the Pulse Check page on Connect and read the recap in PHC News to learn more about the important work that we are doing to address the concerns and feedback we heard.

Thank you for your ideas and energy, and above all for your commitment to the well-being of our patients, residents and families.

With best wishes,


Providing the best care to the people we serve is dependent on our own health and wellness. We are working to deliver a comprehensive Staff and Medical Staff Wellness Action Plan, to help us create a healthy and safe work environment where everyone can flourish. If you have a wellness idea that could make a big difference to you and your colleagues, please send it to Ideas: Forward. If you have questions about this plan or feedback on wellness at PHC, please be in touch:​