​Last week, Providence Research celebrated an exciting milestone with the official launch of Discovery Forward (2021-2026), a new five-year strategic plan to frame our path forward.

Discovery Forward demonstrates our determination to tackle the most pressing health challenges, harnessing our unique agility to respond quickly and unconventionally. The challenges are many. We must understand and confront local crises including opioid addiction, deteriorating mental health and debilitating chronic pain. We must also face the confluence of significant global challenges impacting health including a viral pandemic, the climate emergency, global poverty, as well as systemic racism and inequities in our health care system and in our society at large.

Our research is clearly driven by our commitment to those we serve, and in serving them, excellence is the only acceptable outcome. The pandemic and its eventual aftermath, now require that every plan remain flexible and fluid. But with a clear vision and collective priorities, we will stay on course. Our goals and this plan reflect our commitment to causes of local relevance that will also have a significant global impact.

In an effort to dovetail with Providence Health Care’s Mission: Forward strategic plan, our plan will lay the foundation for a shared vision across our research enterprise. We hope that Discovery Forward fosters a collaborative, innovative and efficient research environment, and one that supports our ongoing pursuit of knowledge throughout Providence.

For more information about Discovery Forward:

Sept. 28 virtual launch event (recording)
Discovery Forward strategic plan document (PDF)
Discovery Forward website
Discovery Forward launch video (YouTube)

Introducing Providence Research

In tandem with the launch of our strategic plan, we also revealed a new brand identity. As a symbol of breaking down silos and barriers, we are re-emerging as Providence Research. Our simpler name is less about walls and buildings implied by the word “institute” and more about cultivating an ethos of collaborative research at Providence. Our new tagline “We’re all in” has double meaning. It refers to our commitment to science and the people we serve. It also refers to our inclusiveness and commitment to social justice, diversity and interdisciplinary. Meanwhile, our new visual identity celebrates the diverse paths that intersect to form new, exciting and modern approaches to research.

Learn more about our new brand

We want to thank everyone who shared their ideas, passion and energy in order to help shape our strategic plan and our refreshed brand platform. Over the next five years, Providence Research will work toward a number of strategic goals to better support the research excellence throughout the Providence Health Care community. We look forward to achieving these goals together.