​The PHC Wellness Team is thrilled to announce the launch of the PHC Wellness Toolkit! This Toolkit is a collection of wellness activities that can be incorporated into your day to enhance your wellbeing.

Cover of the PHC Wellness Toolkit.

Most activities and practices in the Wellness Toolkit are simple and quick, and easy to fit into your regular routines.

Check out the PHC Wellness Toolkit at PHC Thrives. Consider downloading the PDF onto your mobile device, for quick access!

One example of a feel-good team activity is The Gratitude Jar:

Fun fact:  At SPH, 5A, a cardiology unit has set up something similar to a Gratitude Jar – a “Staff Appreciation Jar”! Staff are encouraged to submit entries detailing appreciation for their peers and/or leaders, which are then shared at regular staff meetings.

(left to right) 5A Staff Nurse Fumi Kanda and Patient Care Manager Stef Macleod with the Staff Appreciation Jar! See board on the left where the shared entries are posted each month!

Email wellness@providencehealth.bc.ca to request a professionally printed hard copy for your work area.

Kind acknowledgements for content:

  • Lindsay Mess (Organizational Psychology Co-op Student, Adler University)
  • Theo Elfers & Karin Christensen (PHC Psychology)
  • Beth Burton (PHC Spiritual Health)

This toolkit is just one resource to support staff and medical staff wellness. Please refer to the PHC Staff/Medical Staff Wellness Resource list for more options.

Providing the best care to the people we serve is dependent on our own health and wellness. We can’t work if we’re not well, and work cannot be what makes us unwell. For 2023 we are working on a set of actions and strategies that will help us to create a healthy and safe work environment where everyone can flourish. We are also building out initiatives to bring new people to Providence, and keep the amazing people we currently have. If you have an idea that would improve your work life, please send it to Ideas: Forward. If you have questions or feedback about Workforce + Wellness, please be in touch: missionforward@providencehealth.bc.ca