It has been exciting times for Providence since we launched connect, our new intranet, last summer. Since then, we’ve seen the site become the go-to place for staff to find the most important information they need to do their jobs and to connect with each other.

Highlights have included:

  • Since launching in July 2020, there has been over 1.3 million pageviews!
  • There’s an average of almost 4,000 daily users of the site.
  • Staff have been recognized with our new ‘Values in Action’ badges weekly. (We recognize that many more are deserving of recognition, so please nominate someone today!)
  • Our customizable newsletter has been delivering PHC News to your email inbox every day of the week or on a schedule you personalized based on your preferences. Make sure you’re signed up to customize the newsletter to get the stories you want to read when you want to read them.
  • Over 95% of the content from of our old intranet (PHC Connect) has been migrated and updated to the new intranet.

With our content migration winding down, we are aiming to decommission the old intranet (PHC Connect) on April 30, 2022. That means in May, there will be no more general access to the old intranet. We (PHC Communications) will have all the old content archived in case we ever need to access it.

If you have noticed anything missing from the current intranet, or if you have a problem finding something, please let us know:

We believe great intranets need to continually improve and evolve. We plan to regularly add new content, features and functionality to enhance your experience and meet your needs. If you have ideas for us, reach out to the connect team.

In the coming weeks, we will be highlighting where you can now find the most important and popular information on connect, starting with our quick link menus – that red bar at the top of the site:

>This bar features the employee directory, as well as our Popular LinksClinical Tools and Covid-19 quick menus. These are meant to be one-stop shops for the most important info on the site.

In the Popular Links menu you will find links to other webpages that are not on connect, as well as the most popular pages you look for on connect, including:

In the Clinical Tools menu, you will find the most popular sites to help you do your clinical role, including, SHOPPDTM and PSLS, and more.

Lastly, in the Covid-19 menu, you can now find the latest updates and information including a new COVID-19 PHC News + Updates page>.