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Inspiring People & Teams

We attract the best people and support them to flourish.

Why this?

We are only as good as our people. We’ve all heard this many times in various settings, but in health care, truer words have never been spoken.

During the consultation process, we made our voices heard and our concerns clear:

  • We need to support each other better.
  • We need to include each other, connect with each other, empower each other and recognize each other, formally and informally.
  • We also need to build flexibility into our work and our schedules. We need to create space for innovation, ideas and change — from the labs to the kitchens, to the nursing stations, to the boardroom.
  • And we also need to extract meaning and fulfillment from our work, which includes having the resources and support to feel good about what we do and finding ways to address fatigue, exhaustion and support wellness.

What will change?

The foundation of how we approach relationships and teamwork is grounded in our Mission, Vision and Values. In working together, we will undertake projects that move the dial on making our work lives more fulfilling, less stressful and more supportive. Real advances like developing ways to make scheduling more flexible, creating a wellness strategy that supports us to be our best at work and at home, and finding ways to improve the quality of life for those of us with long commutes, young families and aging loved ones.

We will prioritize dismantling systemic biases in our systems and processes.

Also, we will find ways to empower each of us to use Providence’s Mission, Vision and Values as a springboard to give back to the communities we care about.

Through these actions, we will feel more connected to each other, to the people we serve and to the value of our work.

What’s the bottom line?

It’s simple. We know that providing the best care to the people we serve depends on our own health and wellness.

The better we feel at work, the better we can care for others. This reality empowers us all to think of self-care and social connections as essential to our work. This part of Mission: Forward is about creating work places where we can all grow, thrive and flourish.


  • Be the organization of choice, with a focus on attracting, developing, engaging & retaining our people.
  • Dismantle systemic biases in our systems and processes.
  • Engage and empower our people in meaningful ways and nurture a culture where every voice is heard.
  • Prioritize the health, safety and wellness of our people.
  • Ensure each of us understands how our work connects to Providence’s Mission, strategic directions and goals.