Tuesday, November 27, saw facilitators Miriam Stewart, chief clinical planning officer, St. Paul’s Redevelopment, and Elizabeth Stanger, corporate director, Care Delivery Integration & Transformation, spending the morning in the OR’s staff lunchroom for a come-and-go pop-up session (AKA: questions and candy) around our new strategic plan.

Operating Room staff were great to swing by, grab a chocolate or granola bar, and offer their thoughts on the big themes that will guide our organization’s work over the next 7 years.

Here are just a few* of the highlights:

  • Staff work as a team here – there’s not a lot of hierarchy between the team members whether it’s a nurse, surgeon, or porter.
  • It would be great to have more part-time positions for people who don’t want to work full-time; it would allow more flexibility, and would be a huge step in the right direction.
  • The environment is very welcoming — new people are shown a lot of patience and the teaching is constant. Surgeons maintain a good attitude to teach new people or help out those who are struggling. Staff in general is very willing to help one another out.
  • When planning the new St. Paul’s, input from clinical staff needs to be incorporated – not just asked for and then discarded. Something as minor as the height of a counter can make a huge difference.
  • I enjoy it here. Regardless of the task, I enjoy it because I like the people.
  • If it’s a good room and people feel appreciated, it’s easier to learn — you’re not worried about stepping on eggshells.
  • A friend just had surgery here and because of the very positive experience, she’s considering health care as a profession.
  • Team Leaders help staff and work directly in the room — in other places I’ve worked they’re doing paperwork and not connected to the work their staff are doing. It makes such a difference to have leadership be tapped into the work being done.

* Please note: this is a high-level summary; all sentiments discussed were fully captured by Elizabeth and Miriam!

This pop-up was part of a series of engagement activities happening across PHC where employees, patients, residents, family members, clinicians, researchers and volunteers are invited to weigh in on the creation of a new 7-year strategic plan (2019-2026) for the organization.

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OR staff meeting