October 19 is International Pronouns Day​ and since the Hello My Name is Campaign in July, on average one in every two staff are requesting pronouns be placed on their name-tags. If you want to join your fellow colleagues in learning about the importance of pronouns and sharing them, please follow the instructions listed below.​​

Example Name Tag:

 Below are three easy steps to help you update your name-tag and have your pronouns included on your name-tag.

  1. Review at least one resource from the list below on pronouns and gender identity: ​
    1. Pronouns and why they matter
    2. How to ask for pronouns in an interview
    3. UBC Video – Beyond the Gender Binary – explains the definition of gender 
    4. Best Practices for Non-Binary Inclusion in the Workplace – Steps and Tools for Non-Binary Inclusion
    5. Creating Trans Inclusive Workplaces​
  2. Now you are ready to update your name tag! Follow the link and complete this form.
  3. Wear your NEW PHC Name Tag as often as you can and we encourage you to continue to learn about gender inclusion! ​

At a Glance FAQ

What is a p​​ronoun?

Gender pronouns refer to the set of pronouns that an individual uses to identify themselves. They reflect the person’s gender identity—one’s internal sense of self and their gender that is not outwardly visible to others.

Some examples of pronouns include: she/her, he/him, they/them, he/they, she/they, she/he/they or any combination of the above. There are also some who do not use pronouns at all as they are not culturally or personally reflective of their identity.

Source: https://connect.phcnet.ca/news/pride-month-pronouns

How do I ask for someone’s pronouns? Isn’​​​t that really awkward?

The only way to know someone’s pronouns for certain is for them to tell you. Gender identity is not outwardly visible. We need to be mindful to not make assumptions about peoples pronouns based on their name or appearance.

Source: https://connect.phcnet.ca/news/pride-month-pronouns

Is PHC requiring that I sh​are my pronouns?

No. Pronoun sharing on Name Tags is optional.​