The next stage of the Detailed Design stage for the new St. Paul’s Hospital has started and continues until mid-December. This stage (called the 50%) focuses on ROOM LAYOUT – how rooms work for patients, staff, equipment and supplies.

Representatives from each team who participate in User Groups, Working Groups, and Steering Committees will give input into the design.

At this stage some aspects of the hospital’s design have already been locked down. This includes the sizes of the hospital, departments, rooms and spaces; the type and number of rooms in each area; and the location of MOST departments/areas. For example, ongoing efforts like the Outpatient Services Planning and Evaluation Framework are underway to help determine where specific clinics will be located on floors designated for outpatient care. Thank you to everyone who has provided input into getting us this far!

You may see floorplans posted in your staff area or check out the following floorplans on (if you’re asked to sign-in to use the RED Button and your health authority network/computer/remote login)

All Nations Sacred Space and Traditional Medicine Garden
Bicycling Centre
Biomedical Engineering
Centre for Healthy Aging
Critical Care Complex
Eating Disorders Programs
Education and Learning
Inpatient Units
Main Entrance (chapel, volunteer resources, foundation offices, gift shop, cashiers’ office)
Maternity Centre + NICU
Mental Health Outpatient Clinics
Rehabilitation Centre + Clinical Nutrition
Renal Outpatient
Specialty Pharmacy
Stabilization Unit
Surgical and Interventional Services + Scopes and Minor Procedures
Transitional Care Centre

If you don’t see your area listed, PCL Construction will provide more floorplans over the next few weeks, many of which will be added to

If you have questions about the New St. Paul’s Hospital and Health Campus Project ask them on or email