It’s that time of year again! Annual vacation planning for all Providence unionized staff begins on October 6, 2021, and this year, People Staffing is excited to launch the next module in the Andgo scheduling system for Annual Vacation.

The Annual Vacation module replaces the old manual vacation planning process with a new and easy to follow online process. Staff who are scheduled by PHC’s centralized Staffing Office will submit their 2022 vacation requests online in their Andgo employee portal (MySchedule) during the annual vacation planning process that lasts until the end of December.

Using Andgo, staff can log in to their employee portal from work, home or mobile device and submit their vacation requests based on up-to-date information like vacation banks, scheduled shifts and quotas. Now you’ll be able to:

  • Make your choices and submit your ranked requests directly in MySchedule.
  • Access your annual schedule, approved vacation and estimated vacation bank all in one place.
  • See which dates someone with more seniority has already requested and receive notifications when more senior employees’ requests affect your choices. No more guessing games!
  • Have more flexibility around your team’s specific vacation planning process.
  • Receive an automatic email notification when your requests are approved or denied.

Learn more! Andgo Training and User Guides

Training sessions to introduce staff to the new Annual Vacation module are happening now and we encourage all staff to attend. View all upcoming training sessions here and find a time that works for you!

For more information on annual vacation planning and the new online process, please review the Annual Vacation User Guides and Infographic below:

Andgo User Guide – Annual Vacation Process

Andgo Quick User Guide – How To Request Annual Vacation

View the Infographic on How to Submit Vacation Requests in Andgo

More information about Annual Vacation Planning

Review the Staff Memo (sent to staff on Friday, Sept. 17) for detailed information including key dates and deadlines.

Review the Vacation Leave Guidelines for Unionized Staff 2022 for definitions, principles and processes used in annual vacation planning as per the collective agreements.

Find answers to commonly asked questions in the Annual Vacation Planning Q+A

For more information on Annual Vacation, visit the Andgo website.


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