The new St. Paul’s Hospital and Health Campus will be a major player in its new home in the False Creek Flats area. Stretching eight city blocks, the campus will be entirely devoted to health care life sciences and research.

“What we’re really trying to do is take the best of the current St. Paul’s Hospital, and some of that culture of truly patient-centered care and kindness and compassion and innovation but then also add all the new things, including a shiny new building,” says Fiona.

In the interview, Fiona also talks about how the new St. Paul’s Hospital will build on the many steps Providence has already taken to address the toxic-drug crisis, including the opening of an Overdose Prevention Site at SPH, moving Crosstown Clinic to a purpose-built space, and arranging for security guards to carry Naloxone in its acute-care hospitals.

“We can make addictions care like cardiac care.” ​

Listen to Fiona’s full 17-minute interview with the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.​​