As noted in the kickoff to this series​​, the tenacity of Providence People to deliver on our priority strategic projects – in the midst of a global pandemic, record-breaking heatwave, destructive wildfires and the ongoing toxic drug supply crisis – is nothing short of remarkable. We will be sharing details on the work that was completed on some of our major initiatives over the next few weeks in PHC News. Today we’re highlighting the milestones achieved with the Andgo scheduling system.

Where we started:

  • Prior to the implementation of Andgo, PHC’s People Staffing team used a number of unconnected processes to manage Providence’s staffing needs.
  • Some of these processes (such as our Annual Vacation planning process) were done manually, and were unnecessarily time-consuming.
  • Following the 2019 Ernst & Young review, the Staffing Redesign project launched in June 2020 and Andgo was selected to transform these staffing processes.
  • Andgo will replace and consolidate six (6) staffing processes into the following:
    • MySchedule – new employee staffing portal
    • Smart Call – replacing Automated Shift Callout (ASC)
    • Prebooking – replacing spreadsheets and phone calls
    • Annual Vacation – replacing current paper forms
    • Quick Dial – replacing Employee Absence Reporting Line (EARL)
    • Smart Leave – replacing current paper forms​​

What was achieved:

  • Since April 2021, the People Staffing department has launched MySchedule, Smart Call, Prebooking, and Annual Vacation modules in Andgo. These new modules in Andgo together allow staff to view their full schedule, including upcoming approved vacation, and bid on upcoming shifts.
  • 183 virtual learning sessions with staff to onboard them to the new system and processes
  • Over 6,000 unique first time log-ins to MySchedule.

What people are saying:

“Overall, the process was well-received, and is much smoother, faster and transparent – for example, the ability to see, in real time, what is available and the notification of someone more-senior selecting that time. From my perspective, the amount of time saved and environmental impact (e.g., wasted printing of forms and schedules) is a huge plus. While there were some hiccups, there was nothing too significant that I am aware of.”

– Wayne Fritz, PCM, 6A, 6B, 6C

“I used to get really stressed out on Fridays at noon when V1 and V2 choices were due and had to be sent to Staffing. I have over 100 staff who report directly to me and keeping all the requests together and organized was challenging. Now, staff can submit from anywhere they have access to the internet, can see the status of their requests, and I only get involved if there are issues. It’s so much easier.”

-Stefanie MacLeod, PCM, 5A, 5B, Cardiac Ambulatory Clinics and Heart Centre

What’s next?

With all new things that we implement, evaluation is critical. In order to ensure we continue to offer the right tools and processes for staff scheduling, we are taking the time to review how well Andgo is meeting our organizational needs.  The next phases of the implementation will be confirmed in 2022.