Message from Fiona Dalton, Chief Executive Officer, PHC

Dear Providence Family:

Last year we launched Providence’s Mission: Forward Strategic Plan (2019-2026). This plan was developed through extensive engagement with staff, medical staff and researchers (40% of Providence’s people contributed in some way), and it describes what we want to achieve by 2026.

Then COVID-19 happened!

But despite the immense challenges of the pandemic, we still managed to achieve most of our priorities in the last year, and this is thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone at Providence. Please do take the time to check out this summary of last year’s accomplishments – reading it made me feel very proud to work at Providence, and I hope that you feel the same too.

We’re now focused on our plans for 2020/21 (Year 2), and following engagement across the organization over the last three months I am pleased to attach our priorities for this next year of Mission: Forward – click here.

On Monday we hosted a virtual town hall summarizing this plan. Thank you also to the MSA for including this within their town hall – and a particular thank you to the physician consultants for each strategic pillar, for their invaluable engagement and leadership.

If you weren’t able to tune in to the town hall, you can watch the recording by clicking here. You can also read the questions and answers from the town hall here, and if you have questions that weren’t discussed at the event, please email:

Finally, I want to be ‘real’ and acknowledge how much time and energy it is taking for all of us to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic right now. Of course this will continue to be our top operational priority, and we will need to keep being flexible in navigating this new world and responding to the changing situation and scientific evidence.

Thank you as ever for your commitment, your flexibility, your drive to give our patients and residents the best possible care – in the future as well as today.

Thank you for making me proud to be CEO at Providence.

~ Fiona Dalton, Chief Executive Officer, PHC