Last month, PHC’s President and CEO Fiona Dalton shared news  about updates to our strategic plan, Mission: Forward, and announced our work ahead for 2022.

Decisions around our 2022 work were guided by:

  • Identifying key themes from staff and medical staff feedback.
  • Identifying items that are mandated by Ministry of Health or other governing bodies.
  • Recognizing significant strategic initiatives that are currently in-flight.
  • Reviewing the highest risk items from PHC’s enterprise risk register.

Above all, our major initiatives for 2022 were identified because of their reach across the organization and reflect the areas that were collectively identified as being important to you.

The Power of Your Voice

Feedback received through inputs like the Pulse Check and Medical Staff Engagement surveys, patient experience surveys, town halls, other leadership forums and standing committee meetings provide insight into the issues and challenges most impacting Providence people and the people we serve, and help to shape and guide the work that is deemed an organizational priority.

These insights, pieces of feedback, and inputs helped determine our 9 Strategic Priority Initiatives, and 3 Unique/Episodic Initiatives for 2022.

For example:

We heard you voice concerns about your wellness and that of your colleagues, particularly given the burden the global pandemic has placed on health care workers.  This is reflected in the initiative to develop a cohesive STAFF & MEDICAL STAFF WELLNESS PLAN, and implement priority actions throughout the year.

We heard the impact that the provincial staffing shortage is having on you, and understand there’s an immediate need to take specific action to address our current vacancies and staffing shortages. The actions outlined in our STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLAN initiative are designed to help address these impacts.

We heard your interest and passion in improving and redesigning care, and the buildings in which we provide care, in order to better serve patients, residents and families.  This is reflected in the HEALTH SYSTEMS REDESIGN initiative and the MAJOR CAPITAL PROJECTS initiative.

We heard your desire to have higher quality data more readily available, so that you can use it to better support patient and resident care, and this is reflected in PHC’S DATA CAPABILITY initiative.

We heard that we need to continue to foster an environment that encourages innovative ways of working, and supports the development and implementation of new models of care and technology.  This is reflected in our INNOVATION ECOSYSTEM initiative.

Each of these broad initiatives has been mapped against the Mission: Forward goals, and broken down further into objectives and specific, measurable actions.

See the full work plan for all 2022 actions and deliverables.

Our Current Reality

While these 12 initiatives are what we aspire to for 2022, it’s important to recognize that the bulk of our clinical, medical and corporate-support peoples’ time is spent doing the foundational daily work that is required to provide and support high-quality patient and resident care.  And some of our people are at maximum capacity right now, delivering this important foundational work.

It’s also important to acknowledge that the past two years have been difficult. Our resilience has been stretched and exhaustion is high. Many in health care have focused on caring for patients, for families, and for teams, while putting their self-care last.

So we have to be realistic about what more we can accomplish, and at what pace.

At the same time, PHC has several exciting, once-in-a-career opportunities to transform health care delivery.  We know the opportunity to work on more future-oriented initiatives, that ignite a passion, can be energizing and there’s a strong desire to engage in this work.  So we need to be flexible and adaptable in advancing the priority strategic initiatives, focusing on items that are most important to do first, engaging teams at the right time, and setting realistic incremental targets for what we can achieve in a given year. ​

Our Mission: Forward plan outlines a bold vision.  We don’t need to do all of the work to get there this year.  Or even next.  We will focus on making progress, moving forward and continuing to advance the changes that will create a lasting impact for patients & residents, for families, and for PHC staff and medical staff.

For more on our Year Ahead, the successes of the year we just lived, and the reality of our current landscape, please watch the video below:

Thank you for all that you do; your talent, commitment and passion is what sets Providence apart.


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