Dear Providence Family:

It’s my pleasure to provide you with an update on our organization’s strategic plan – Mission: Forward – and our road map for the coming year to achieve our key deliverables.

The new year at the moment may feel like the past two years, but I’m hopeful the worst of the pandemic is behind us and the spring will bring us more signs of “getting back to normal.”

The battle against COVID has rightfully been the focus of BC’s health care sector throughout the pandemic – and all of you have demonstrated heroic dedication to keeping patients, residents and your colleagues safe. We are all indebted to you, especially staff, medical staff and leaders on the front lines of providing care.

It may not have seemed like it on many challenging days, but in addition to managing COVID and providing exceptional care, Providence people have also been delivering upon important priorities and projects, as detailed in our Mission: Forward strategic plan.

We have accomplished much since the launch of Mission: Forward in 2019 and – despite the pandemic –we have sustained momentum on a high number of our stated priorities and key deliverables. You can read more about some of our achievements from 2021 hereherehere and here.

Throughout our journey, we’ve had new learnings and made adjustments to our priorities and our plan to better reflect the current issues, new realities, challenges and opportunities we’re facing in health care. One example of that is our commitment to the process of Truth and Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and embedding it in everything we do.

To action our commitment we have made the following updates to our strategic plan:

  • Made Reconciliation a Foundational Principle;
  • Added an explicit Reconciliation goal to each of our four Strategic Directions;
  • Updated our plan’s terminology & imagery to be more inclusive and diverse.

This emphasis and others have resulted in a refresh of our Mission: Forward plan, positioning us to successfully deliver upon our strategic priorities and goals for this coming year and beyond. I go over our updated strategic plan in the video below. I encourage all of you to watch.

Next week, you will also hear more about Providence’s first-ever Indigenous Wellness and Reconciliation Action Plan (IWRAP). Grounded in humility, the plan’s actions are anchored to the recommendations of In Plain Sight and other key reports, to address systemic anti-Indigenous racism in the health care system, and advance Indigenous Wellness, Reconciliation and Human Rights.

The plan’s Foundational Principles mirror those of Mission: Forward, and describe what these mean in the context of Indigenous wellness and reconciliation. And to ensure that this action plan is fully integrated into everything we do, IWRAP’s goals and actions are nested in the four Strategic Directions of Mission: Forward.​

Starting with this communique and in the days, weeks and months to come, we will be communicating, providing more details and raising awareness about this next phase of our Mission: Forward plan.

For the work we have planned in 2022, we have identified 9 overarching priority strategic initiatives and 3 unique/episodic operational initiatives. Within these areas, specific deliverables and actions have been determined and will be what we use to measure our success.

You can watch more about our year ahead here:

As we undertake the work ahead, it’s our hope that every person who works at Providence is be able to see a portion of their work reflected in these Key Deliverables for 2022. At the same time, we are aware of the numerous challenges staff are facing – staffing, workload, exhaustion and fatigue issues.

Delivering upon our Mission: Forward priorities is not about creating more work. It’s about working purposefully at the things that we must get right. It’s about optimizing our current efforts and working as a team, aligning our work around our four Strategic Directions and five Foundational Principles.

All updated Mission: Forward materials can be found on, including the refreshed Strategic Plan document, the Indigenous Wellness and Reconciliation Action Plan, our 2022 priorities and deliverables, and much more.

I look forward to working with you as we move toward an exciting future for Providence Health Care – to continue to serve British Columbians by providing compassionate, socially just, innovative and exceptional care.

With best wishes,

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