​Last year was another busy one for our future campus in False Creek Flats. The construction site was abuzz with digging, hauling, pouring, and building — with four cranes towering above all the activity. Check on construction progress here. This year will be another action-packed one.

In 2023, the new hospital will start to appear above ground​.

  • In January, PCL will start pouring the concrete floor (or ‘slab’) for the main floor. And from there, the building will start to take shape…with rebar and concrete walls and columns.
  • By December, floors 2 through 7 will also appear. We’ll have to wait until 2024 before the hospital reaches its full 11-storey height  – equivalent to a 21-storey high-rise condo – ​but even with 7 storeys, it’s going to be an impressive sight.
  • We’ll continue building new roads and installing underground utilities around the site too.
  • check out the webcam here.