​Last year, we achieved a huge milestone for our future Clinical Support and Research Centre (CSRC). After years of planning, a hoop or two to jump through, and input from five CSRC Working Groups, the Business Plan for the CSRC was submitted to government in the Spring and approved in July 2021. Almost immediately we launched the official search for a Development Partner to design, build and jointly own and operate the CSRC, and by November we had shortlisted three potential partners.

This year we’ll select the CSRC’s Development Partner and start design.​

  • We’ve started 2022 strong by achieving another important CSRC milestone — our detailed requirements and project agreement have been drafted and issued to our three shortlisted potential Development Partners.
    • The CSRC’s requirements outline the type and amount of space we expect for research, medical offices, corporate services, a conference centre, innovation centre, parking and childcare centre, plus how much space can be leveraged for industry and academic partners and for startups.
  • Around the end of summer we’ll announce which Development Partner has been selected from the three shortlisted candidates.
  • In the fall, the Development Partner and Providence will start developing the CSRC’s concept design in collaboration with key stakeholders and the City of Vancouver.
  • Also in 2022 the St. Paul’s Foundation will ramp up their $50 million fundraising campaign for the CSRC. And, we may start considering a new name for the CSRC which better demonstrates its potential as a world renowned research and health innovation hub.
St. Paul's Hospital Health Campus

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