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Discover, Learn & Innovate For Impact

We create a culture where every person can learn, grow, imagine and bring forward new ideas.

Why this?

A “learning organization” is one that puts emphasis on the learning of its people and continuously transforms itself. During the strategic planning consultations, many of us voiced the desire to put more emphasis on learning and innovation. Many of us also wanted to clarify the process of bringing forward new ideas and potential changes so that everyone has this opportunity and feels empowered to do so.

Another key ingredient of learning is… failing. Yes, failing. Because with every setback comes the opportunity to reflect, learn and grow. So this direction is also about creating the space for us to take calculated risks in an effort to dream up disruptive, even transformational ideas. Given our size, and our ability to be more agile than larger health organizations, we aspire to become the “go-to” place to prototype new ideas, incubate novel concepts, and test creative theories.

Given that aspiration, this strategic direction also speaks to the added emphasis we will place on research, innovation, and teaching, which all go hand-in-hand with being a “learning organization.” We have an extraordinary track record of research and discovery — an enterprise that we plan to scale up and bring to every corner of Providence.

What will change?

To start, we will begin to see how good suggestions — large and small — for improving our care, services and our environment are brought forward and acted upon. The path to these improvements will be more visible and we will celebrate the people bringing ideas forward.

We will have better methods to translate the results of our research into the care we provide. And we will involve even more students in our research, sparking additional passion for learning and growth!

What’s the bottom line?

We believe that improvement and innovation isn’t a department, it’s a mindset. We’re a learning organization where continuous improvement, research, education and innovation are central to our Mission. We will create an environment where this is the expectation of, and opportunity for every single person at Providence.


  • Make every interaction with the people we serve an opportunity for learning, research and continuous improvement.
  • Advance appropriately governed data, research, learning – and unlearning – to support PHC to be in right relations with, and deliver high quality care to, Indigenous Peoples.
  • Nurture and support innovative and disruptive ideas that transform care in BC and around the world, especially for people with complex medical and social service needs.
  • Ensure that each of us understands that we have the responsibility and the opportunity to improve our services.
  • Be an education leader among Canadian academic teaching hospitals and prioritize the training of the next generation of health care professionals.