Throughout our storied 125-year history, Providence has always pushed the boundaries to bring care and compassion to society’s most vulnerable. Our Vision statement best captures what drives us forward – compassion and social justice – and where we want to be: at the forefront of exceptional care and innovation.

We are at a pivotal time in our history – about to embark on building the most advanced health campus in the country, in the throes of revolutionizing how we care for seniors in BC, months out from ushering in a clinical systems transformation. We’re ringing in 125 years of innovation driven by compassion, while rebuilding and renewing who we are and where we serve.

In the face of this change and complexity, do we have a plan to fulfil our potential and deliver our mission to the fullest?

We don’t just have a plan. We have our plan.

We talked about it, shaped it, and now we get to know it and live it.

Mission: Forward is a blueprint to guide how we as Providence people want to achieve our goals; how we want to show up in 2026. Every person and every team at Providence needs to embrace this plan as our own. Together we have decided to put four priorities forward, anchored by four foundational principles:


And each direction is supported by aspirational goals – almost like guideposts to help chart our mission forward. The four to five goals we’ve developed for each priority are just the start of the actions that will flow from our high-level directions and principles, and a way to organize our efforts moving forward.

If you’re having trouble reading any of the goals, please visit the home page, to read them there in full!


What’s Next

Going forward, we have a whole month of launch activities planned across the organization with our President & CEO Fiona Dalton coming to every site to share the new strategic directions, goals, and foundational principles with all of you in person. See the line-up of events below, or check out the attached poster to find the date and time when Fiona is at your site!

Line-up of events

The months to come will see us getting down to the fundamentals of bringing our plan to life.

Defining our work (what are the things that we need to get right first), setting targets (we need to be able to inspect what we expect), adjusting team priorities, tweaking how we spend our time, getting on the same page. These are all things that we need to address as we embark on our mission over the next seven years.

We can expect continued conversations, engagement opportunities, and especially the telling of stories about how we’re bringing this plan to life and how we experience it in our daily work life. We will also continue with forums, reminders and communications about Mission: Forward on an ongoing basis. We will also re-visit this plan often to ensure we’re on track and moving every goal forward.

For all of us, this is a remarkable opportunity to create a Providence that will lead the way into the future of health care. Owning this plan, and thinking deeply about how we can all advance our goals through our work is everyone’s responsibility.

Because when we are at our best we can change the world.

For more information

To learn more about our Mission: Forward, read the full strategic plan and a “plan on a page” graphic (both PDFs also attached below), branded templates, and the launch video head to the home page. There is also a poster (please feel free to print and post in your area!) and a Q&A (which hopefully provides answers to all of your burning strategic planning questions!) attached.


Please be in touch!