​At the start of 2022, PHC set out nine Priority Strategic Initiatives to drive change and advance our seven-year strategic goals. Additionally, three Unique/Episodic Operational Initiatives were identified that would require our organizational focus and resourcing.

We thought that you might appreciate a look back on what’s been accomplished since kicking that work off around this time last year. Because, well, it’s pretty darn impressive.

So here’s to celebrating the outstanding work that has happened over the past year to advance our key organizational priorities, and here’s to each and every one of you who have made it possible for PHC to accomplish so much, during such challenging times.

And if you love what you see, please be in touch! We have a PPT version of this very presentation, which you can play in the “waiting room” of your next Zoom meeting, or have ready to loop in the room prior to your next meeting, to make sure that these accomplishments get seen by as many Providence people as possible.


Email: missionforward@providencehealth.bc.ca to get your hands on a copy.