An auspicious, safely-masked kick off for a new, pandemic-ready hospital that will be almost twice the size of the current St. Paul’s.

It’s a scant three kilometres from Burrard Street to Station Street. But getting from here to there has been an epic journey that has taken more than two decades and the unwavering determination and support of our inspirational donors, leaders, staff, and volunteers.
This past Friday, it all became real with the official construction kick-off for the new St. Paul’s Hospital at the Jim Pattison Medical Centre.

What will be different about the new St. Paul’s? The short answer is, everything. Everything will be brand new, leading-edge, and curated to offer the best experience possible. Beyond the assets of the hospital itself, the new St. Paul’s will allow us to deliver on a promise of holistic, patient-centred care that will transform the experience for patients, residents, families, and staff.

In just six years, the doors will open on a brand new, state-of-the-art hospital that weaves together the latest in design and technology. And of course, because we’re Providence Health Care, it will built on a foundation inspired by the Founding Sisters and our 127-year legacy of compassion and social justice.

Submitted by St. Paul’s Foundation