On July 23rd, 2022, health organizations around the globe celebrated “Hello, my name is…”

This initiative serves as a reminder to participants that a simple introduction is the first step to building human connections and showing more compassionate person and family centred care.

The “Hello my name is…” (HMNI) campaign started in the UK by Dr. Kate Granger. While battling terminal cancer, she was inspired by personal experience to launch an awareness campaign that encourages health care workers to introduce themselves at every patient interaction.

Her legacy, HMNI, is now a global movement encouraging health care workers around the world to begin each patient engagement with a simple introduction.

Here’s a summary of what took place this year.

“Hello, my name is…” is applicable to everyone at PHC

This year, Providence Health Care’s Person and Family Centered Care department joined forces with the newly repatriated Fo​​od Services team. Their mission? To remind staff that introductions are important in every interaction!

Read a story illustrating the impact of introductions

Morgan Meloche, a patient at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital recounts her positive experience interacting with staff:

“It made it feel like I’m a person and they’re a person. They used first names. It was like, “Hey, I’m Steve (Dr. Steve Petrar). Nice to meet you.”  

“I was pretty u​​​pset at that moment and he did a great job of calming me down.”

Read more about her experience here.

You can request a new nametag, with pronouns!

Did you know you can request a nametag that also displays your preferred pronouns? You can learn more about this, and why adding your pronouns is important in this PHC News article, or by checking out Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion’s 2022 Pride resources.​

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