The research that was done in the lead-up to last fall’s engagement – i.e., reviewing of previous surveys, reports, assessments, stats, etc. – informed the themes captured in the 5-minute and 15-minute summaries and gave insight into the areas where you’ve already told us that PHC is doing well, where PHC can get better, and ideas you had to bridge the gap between.

Using these insights, four questions were crafted to dig a bit deeper into some of the areas where we needed more of your input to help put together a 7-year plan that will pave the way to Providence 2026. Those questions explored our people, our vision, our uniqueness, and our pursuit of world class.

Today we are sharing the second round of insights and themes that you shared throughout last fall’s engagement activities. In short? It’s all about you.

Engagement Findings

Another theme that we heard across all levels of the organization, in pretty much every conversation that was had was around the absolute need to take care of those who are taking care of others.

We also heard that you’re all working really hard, that recognition is so important, and that your health, safety and wellness needs prioritizing. And we heard that you love it here. PHC’s deeply embedded history and commitment to its values creates a caring culture where you feel like part of a family.

You talked about a need for flexibility, better access to mental health resources and counselling, and a rising cost of living, cost of parking, cost of child care – so while you love it here, it’s starting to add up and feel a bit unsustainable.

We’re only as world class as those who live and breathe the work. If the people who work here don’t understand where their work fits, or feel invested in or taken care of, any visioning about our world-class possibilities is for not.

What we came away from those conversations knowing is that if we want to retain the best (AKA: you!) and attract the best (i.e., tell your friends!) then we need to have the resources in place for you to feel heard, like your work has meaning, and that you have the supports in place for you to feel, do and be your best.

Here’s more of what you had to say about what it’s like to work here, what’s being done well, and how and what can be done to take better care of one another.

• “I love it here. I really think it’s the people and the culture. It’s a commitment and passion for patients and for looking after the vulnerable. Most of the nurses and staff here really do live those values.” – SPH OR Nurse

• “Staff need a fitness centre, food (good food), tech amenities, wellness resources, showers, more secure bike storage. Promote wellness to avoid burnout and stay renewed.” – Allied Services staff member

• “Work-life balance, especially for mothers, is lacking. It’s hard to maintain this balance if there are no part time roles. I’m actually leaving tomorrow because of it.” – SPH staff member

• “The orientation at Providence is the best. It was inspiring, thorough. At other organizations, it doesn’t hit you in the heart.” – St. John’s Hospice staff member

• “People have chosen to resign here because of the parking issue. People are coming at 6:10 am to find parking for their 7 am shift.” – SPH staff member

• “Envision it as a community, more than just a hospital with child care and pet care and transportation. If we ever get the daycare issue worked out we will be a magnet for staff.” – SPH staff member

• “You are not only an RCA here – you are part of a team.” – Youville RCA

• “Staff is what makes this place great and unique – but they are overworked.” – Honoria Conway Townhall

• “Dedicated and protected wellness time; supports and incentives for physical health, happiness, and resilience.” – PHC Physician

• “The resource allocation is not matching the needs. We’re doing too much in too little time. This is going to be a barrier. We were never budgeted that society would live into their 90s.” – Hornby staff forum

• “It’s hard to be compassionate when you’re on your feet for 12 hours.” – COG Discussion

• “Everyone’s voice is taken into consideration here.” – Renal program staff member

• “My worry is all the things that are happening – CST, Redevelopment, etc. How are we going to do it “all” given time and resources?” – COG Discussion

• “Foster personal relationships, mentorship, collaboration, hubs – a culture of belonging.”– PHC Physician

• “Leaders should say, ‘here’s what we need to achieve – now you guys solve this.’” – Staff forum

• “Taking care of the staff will maintain the reputation we have.” – SPH Heart/ Lung pop-up

• “Can ‘acceptable behaviour’ be defined and the consequences of not behaving in that manner be consistent across the organization?” – Medicine unit pop-up

• “What needs to be looked at more closely is the organization’s expectations on the workload that people carry. I don’t know how we expect people to compassionate and caring when they working all of these hours.” – PHC Patient

• “What about dorms or shuttle services to help retain and attract new staff?” – Staff forum

• “Values are something that are part of who we are – it’s not something you learn. Ensure that we hire people who live our values.” – Youville staff member

• “When people are doing something right, acknowledge it.” – SPH staff member

• “Having enough support staff would be helpful. It’s all about the staffing level.” – MSJ staff member

• “There’s better communication in PHC; less hierarchy. All team members feel valued and equal and have a say in the patients’ and residents’ care.” – HFH Open Forum

We’re on a journey to transform health care by 2026, and we’ll do it by working together to tackle the areas where we need to improve, and celebrating where we’re shining.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share; your input was captured, summarized and shared with senior leaders to help validate the work we need to focus on for the next 7 years.

If there’s anything missing in the high-level findings above, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

See you back here on March 15 for our next round of engagement data highlights to be posted!

And if you haven’t had a chance to read up on what we shared around quality, safety, experiences and outcomes, don’t wait another minute! Get the scoop.