In the fall of 2022, Health Minister Adrian Dix announced a security model that will add new protection services personnel known as Relational Security Officers (RSOs) to all health organizations across BC.

The RSO role is aimed at creating safer health care spaces for staff, patients and families by integrating security within the broader health care team, leading to improved cultural safety and a reduction in workplace violence and injury.

Providence Health Care is looking forward to welcoming 30 Relational Security Officers who will be assigned to specific units at SPH and MSJ in two phases, in late August and early fall.

What does “relational” mean?

In addition to standard security training, RSOs have extensive training in trauma-informed practice, Indigenous Cultural Safety and Humility, as well as Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Their primary focus is to prevent and de-escalate potentially violent situations, participate in interdisciplinary care planning on the clinical units and be an approachable resource for patients, families and PHC staff.

Understanding that typical protection services officer or security uniforms may be triggering for people who seek our care, PHC has chosen a uniform for RSOs that aligns with the relational strategy.

Uniform of the new Relational Security Team Lead

Paladin security guards will continue providing security services at all PHC sites, including patrolling premises and responding to emergencies.

Watch PHC News for more information about the new Relational Security Officers coming soon to SPH and MSJ.​

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