Environmental Sustainability is Everyone’s Story

The EPAR communicates the successes, challenges, stories and opportunities of the work undertaken by staff in 2020 to move towards an environmentally sustainable and climate resilient Providence. This report is particularly important as British Columbia seeks to shift towards a low carbon economy and reduce climate risk. The report includes health-care impacts on the environment, program information, graphs detailing progress and inspiring stories showing why environmental sustainability is important to health-care staff at Providence.

“In spite of the new challenges that the pandemic brought in 2020, I know how hard the EES team and our partners have been working. While adapting to 2020’s exceptional circumstances, we have continued to make sustainability and resilience a priority, as shown throughout this report,” says Robert Bradley, Director of Energy and Environmental Sustainability. “I also know how proud the team is of Providence staff and leadership’s efforts to continue to embed environmental sustainability within our health-care system.  Our well-being, our future, and our friends, family and children depend on our ability and willingness to continue to change how we live and work. We know what to do, we know how, and we know we can. Let’s move forward, together.”​

Providence 2020 Sustainability Highlights​

  • 15.2% decrease in greenhouse gas-emissions intensity since 2007
  • 6 new staff joined the Green+Leaders program, with approval of a seed fund for Providence Green+Leaders to develop future projects for greening their workplace.
  • Reducing unnecessary plastics and packaging in maternity clinical supplies, resulting in a cost savings win of 20%​

From the successes in Providence to the challenges still faced, it’s clear: environmental sustainability is everyone’s story. If we are to address the impacts of our climate reality, ensure that we are making responsible choices for our environment, and continue to offer our staff, volunteers, and patients the very best quality of life possible, together we must all take a leading role in transforming health-care. Help us to continue writing a story of progress.​​

Get Involved in Sustainability at Providence

For more information about the report or the EES team, please contact Sonja Janousek, Environmental Sustainability Manager, EES Team at