​There has been a lot of important work occurring for the past 7 months within the Recruitment and People Department to improve our recruitment process and the tools that both People and Leaders use to post, screen, interview and onboard new staff.

We are excited to announce that the new Applicant Tracking System, TalentHub, is going live on Monday, March 20, 2023TalentHub will replace HR Connect for the purposes of posting vacancies, filling vacancies and offering electronic onboarding for new staff.

This new, modern applicant tracking and onboarding system will help managers track recruitment processes in their areas, ensure efficiency for Recruitment to source and organize applicants and most importantly, it will offer a very user-friendly interface for current and prospective staff to apply for jobs.​​​​

“This new, efficient and modernized onboarding system brings great advancement and administrative structure to the recruitment process at Providence Health Care. TalentHub offers a seamless and well-organized applicant experience, while supporting all hiring managers with their recruitment work-flows.” – Tammy Young, Director of People

One of the most sophisticated features of TalentHub is delivering all required documentation through the onboarding portal. Tracking completion, hiring and communication to staff and applicants will now be done with ease.​

With this new applicant tracking and onboarding system, we will also be launching a new Careers Website on Monday, March 20, 2023, that will align with new PHC branding and offer prospective staff a more seamless, easier user-friendly experience when applying for jobs.

“A sincere thank you to the PHC HR Analysts, Recruiters and Hiring Managers for completing a thorough training on the entire system, and the TalentHub project team who worked diligently to ensure a smooth transition. We appreciate the time and effort you invested to help us achieve great results.” – Tammy Young, Director of People​​

Steps on how to apply for jobs as an internal candidate will be available to all staff when we launch TalentHub.

We look forward to sharing these new recruitment tools with you!