Upgrades to the rehabilitation therapy pool at Holy Family Hospital are making a splash with the patients who use it and the staff who help them.

The 540-square-foot pool needed upgrades because of its age and the need to be up-to-date with the latest health and safety standards, according to Jeffrey Chan, PCM for Rehabilitation at HFH.

The renovation included the installation of two new drain covers, waterproof protection covers on the walls, waterproof paint on the window sills. Damaged floor tiles were also replaced.

The pool is equipped with grab rails and a ramp to make it safe and easy for patients to get in and out. An overhead lift suspended from the ceiling helps move patients who have significant mobility limitations.

“Patients love the warm water and the ease of movement they can achieve in the pool,” said Chan. “It is great to be able to use this valuable resource again, knowing that the improvements will allow us to continue to run these beneficial programs into the future.”

Water therapy offers plenty of benefits.

“The buoyancy takes weight off from painful joints and increases ease of movement, the warmth helps relax stiff or painful muscles and joints, the resistance supplies a workout through out a large arc of range of motion, and water makes it safer for patients who are at risk of falling,” said Rebecca Shook, site leader for Physiotherapy at HFH.

All patients who meet certain criteria and have goals can benefit from using the therapy pool, she said.  ​

Both in-patient and out-patient therapy pool programs have now resumed.