Providence volunteers offer services to patients in a variety of unexpected ways. For example, did you know a team of dedicated volunteers donate their time to bring a free library cart service to patients and visitors at multiple sites across PHC?

These volunteers connect with patients and visitors in waiting areas and in-patient rooms, offering reading materials to help pass the time, ease boredom and take their minds off the challenging situations they may be facing.

These volunteers hear time-and-time-again just how grateful folks are for this unexpected service, but with books flying off the shelves quicker than we can replace them it’s getting harder to offer this valuable service. We need your help to keep the library cart rolling.

You see, with this service, we never ask for the return of books or magazines, which means that as the service gains popularity, we’re running a little short on the key ingredient: books!

How can you help? Donate your books (and magazines)

Maybe you’re getting ready to spring clean and declutter, or you know you have a stack of read books and magazines that you aren’t quite sure what to do with—whatever the reason, we will happily take them off your hands.

The most popular genre of books tend to be thrillers, action and adventure, and romance (we all love that emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending, but we must keep it PG!).  In truth most adult fiction books will not sit for long on the cart.

Magazines are also hugely popular and there are continued requests for Home and Garden and home makeover editions.

If you would like to support this initiative, and help to keep it running, please consider donating your used books, and spread the word! Tell your family, friends and neighbours or run a book drive—the sky’s the limit.

Where to donate

If you’re near Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, please reach out to Mary Gallop at or by phone at 604-877-8343 to arrange a drop off time.

If you’re near St. Paul’s Hospital Beth Hazell will be happy to assist and collect any donations from units within the hospital or any of the St Paul’s Hospital entrances. Please reach out to her directly at local 69858 or via email at

Alternatively we gratefully receive any donations at the St. Paul’s Hospital Volunteer Resources office Monday – Friday between 10 am and 4 pm.

Once received, the team of volunteers will categorize and review all donations to ensure each publication is in good condition and suitable for a diverse readership.

Happy decluttering!