The “Hello my name is…” campaign is now a global movement, but it started with one health care worker’s experience as a patient in the UK and seeing the difference a simple introduction made.

This movement is a reminder that introducing ourselves to our patients creates a human connection. The pandemic – and the layers of PPE that came with it – have magnified the importance of that connection.

The “Hello my name is…” wall in the Maternity unit at St. Paul’s Hospital shows the faces behind the masks. This project, spearheaded by the Maternity unit clerks, brings together 70 smiling faces of the team members that patients may meet during their stay, and allows patients to see their care providers and support staff as people.

“Since the pandemic, we do not get the normal face-to-face that we used to have,” says Stephanie Abercrombie, Maternity unit clerk. “Making the extra effort to introduce ourselves and connect with our patients in a medical environment can be the first step to easing some anxiety.”

The faces on the wall include unit clerks, housekeeping staff, obstetricians, pediatricians, midwives, lab techs and nurses. The unit clerks note that feedback from patients has been positive, and patients say they enjoy seeing what staff look like without a mask, as well as seeing them in the community, hiking, or enjoying things they love.

“The masks hide our faces, but they do not hide the joy and care we put into taking care of our patients,” says Stephanie.

Person and Family Centred Care