In June, Providence launched Smart Call and Prebooking as part of the new Andgo scheduling system. We’ve pulled together some short Did You Know facts about Andgo to help you get the most out of our new system.

How can I make sure that I always receive a shift offer for Smart Call?

You will only receive two notifications for each shift call out via phone, text message, and/or email depending on your Smart Call Employee Preferences.

You will not receive any additional notifications if the same shift is offered a three or more times, but you will receive the shift offer again in the MySchedule portal.

To ensure you see all available shifts in a timely manner:

• “Shop” for shifts online by frequently checking the MySchedule Employee Portal:
• Bid within the submission window.

Note: For Smart Call, we recommend staff have at least two (2) contact methods set-up in their Employee Portal (MySchedule).

• Andgo MySchedule Employee Portal:
• Download and print this week’s Did You Know fact:  Andgo DidYouKnow_.pdf