Go to EngageNSPH.ca/culture and join the culture conversation. EngageNSPH is our new place for Providence employees and medical staff to have a voice, learn about the area you’ll work in at our future campus, ask questions, view floorplans, join discussions, share ideas and more. And that includes, helping to shape our culture.

The New St. Paul’s Hospital Project is our opportunity to intentionally create the culture we want at our new campus. So we want to hear what you have to say.​

If you’re in a hurry, take this one question culture poll…

What one word describes the best part of our current PHC culture?​

Or, join one of these culture conversations (see how to sign-in below)

How can we build a strong, inclusive and equitable culture at the new campus. How are we doing this now, how are we failing, and how can we improve?​

What part of our culture makes you PROUD to work here and is something we must carry forward to the new St. Paul’s Hospital Campus?​

What assumptions, mindsets, attitudes, or behaviours should we LEAVE BEHIND when we move to our new location?​

What activities do you think would promote a positive culture at the new St. Paul’s? We’d love to hear your ideas!​​

Tell Us Your St. Paul’s Hospital Stories​! We want to see St. Paul’s Hospital through your eyes. What are your fond (and not so fond!) memories of your time here on Burrard Street? What moments will you remember and carry with you

How to Sign-In to EngageNSPH

When you’re asked to Sign In FIRST click on the red button for staff to be taken to your Providence or Lower Mainland health authority network/computer/remote login. (do not use the lower portion of the Sign In form, it’s for invited guests).

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