Do you notice unnecessary waste in health care? Are you passionate to make a change? Join the Waste Working Group

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate individuals from diverse roles at PHC who have come together with the common goal of reducing waste in our medical setting.  Like many of you we feel the need to do something about our ever-increasing environmental footprint.

The Environmental Stewardship Team (ESTeam) provided an opportunity to come together and form a group. The Waste Working Group was born out of a common need and drive to reduce health care associated waste.

Our group’s mandate and goals are grounded in PHC’s environmental sustainability Mission: Forward strategic principle and aligned with the value of stewardship as we seek to provide equitable care to the patients we serve by finding ways to protect and preserve our environment.​

What are our goals?

  • Find innovative solutions to reduce health care associated waste.
  • Identify “quick win” solutions towards sustainability.
  • Create and foster a culture of continuous learning and teaching about environmental issues.
  • Recruit passionate individuals to join our team!

Where are we starting?

Our first short-term goal is to increase awareness about appropriate glove use across PHC. The primary aim is to reduce plastic waste associated with glove usage. We will launch this project on a small scale within one PHC unit and expand further to other units and clinics after successful implementation.​

Would you like to get involved? Do you have a great idea in mind?

Reach out to the co-leads of the Waste Working Group: Leyla Khosrovpour​ and Karmen Wong​! We welcome you to join our team and/or bring forward your ideas on how to reduce health care associated waste in your respective work environments.

If the Waste Working Group isn’t for you but you’re interested in learning more about the ESTeam, consider reaching out to Peter Keyes for an invitation to our next meeting!​