On November 22, 2021 the following clinics at St. Paul’s Hospital will go live on CST Cerner:

• SPH Adult Bleeding Disorders Program
• SPH Hemoglobinopathy
• SPH East Van CDU  “Optimization”
• SPH Sarcoid Clinic
• SPH Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Clinic
• SPH Inherited Arrhythmia
• SPH Rapid Access Specialist Clinics:
• SPH Allergy and Immunology Clinic
• SPH General Internal Medicine Clinic
• SPH Post COVID Recovery Clinic
• SPH Stroke Clinic
• SPH Thrombosis Clinic
• SPH Primary Immunodeficiency Transition Clinic
• SPH Palliative Clinic
• SPH Internal Medicine Vascular Clinic
• SPH Neurology Clinic
• SPH Internal Medicine OB Clinic
• SPH Hypertension Clinic

Thank you to staff and medical staff in these areas for your continued dedication to patient care, as training and preparations get underway. We look forward to welcoming you on November 22!

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