Effective Thursday, January 20, 2022 the menu options on the Employee Absence Reporting Line (EARL) system are updated to simplify reporting of any COVID related absenteeism.

The system now will prompt you to specify the date of your positive COVID-19 test, the date of the onset of any symptoms, and if you are required to isolate as per Public Health Orders. The system will also prompt you to specify if there was a PPE breach during patient interactions.

The updated EARL system will replace the COVID form previously used to report to the Medinfo mailbox. All COVID related questions will continue to be supported via the Medinfo mailbox.

All callers will be prompted to listen to the menu options carefully as they have changed.

As a reminder, the EARL system is intended for reporting unexpected absenteeism only, and any planned leaves should always be arranged in advance with your manager and not via the EARL system.


Please direct your email to EARL@providencehealth.bc.ca, or visit Providence’s COVID-19 website for more information.