Did your project improve how care is delivered? Do you know somebody whose hard work and passion for improving our health care system deserves recognition? The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council is now accepting nominations for its 2023 BC Quality Awards!

The deadline to submit nominations September 29, 2022. Judging criteria and information on how to nominate are available at bcpsqc.ca/quality-awards.


Optimizing the Early Years
Celebrates a project that improved care for maternal health and wellness or advanced early development.

Strengthening Health & Wellness
Celebrates a project that improved well-being or prevented injury, illness or disability.

Returning to Health & Wellness 
Celebrates a project that improved care for acute illness or injury.

Living with Illness or Disability
Celebrates a project that improved care and support for chronic illness and/or disability.

Coping with Transition from Life
Celebrates a project that improved planning, care or support for life-limiting illness and bereavement.

Leadership in Advancing Patient Voices
Celebrates a patient, caregiver or family member who made an outstanding contribution to patient engagement in BC’s health care system. They take the lead to inspire and support other patients, caregivers, family members and health care organizations to partner in pursuit of better care.

The Doug Cochrane Leadership in Quality Award
Celebrates someone who made an inspirational, significant and sustained contribution to improving the quality of health care in British Columbia. These contributions may have been made in the fields of health policy, care design, innovation or academia, and brought to patients at the point of care by cultivating skill development, implementing improvement initiatives or providing respectful and compassionate care for those in need.

Everyday Champion Award
Celebrates someone who shows a passion and commitment for improving quality of care that is outside of their formal role to lead positive change. They see a need for improvement and commit to action, leading by example and inspiring others. Nominees do not have to work in leadership roles, or roles that specify participation in quality improvement activities. We believe everyone can play a role in improving the quality of care, regardless of their position or leadership responsibilities!

Quality Culture Trailblazer
Celebrates someone who helps to advance and create a culture that helps their team or organization thrive. They foster teamwork and open communication, and they engage with staff to innovate and challenge the status quo in pursuit of high-quality care. They create an environment of cultural safety and humility, psychological safety and trust. Nominees do not have to work in leadership roles, but they do have to be agents of internal culture change in their workplace.


Winners receive a $2,500 sponsorship to support or disseminate learning from their projects or to support ongoing learning and development. Winners in the five Excellence in Quality categories are also invited to present their project at the Quality Forum.
Contact awards@bcpsqc.ca or 604.668.8210 with questions, or visit the FAQ page.