Our four foundational principles describe our core beliefs; they are our DNA. They guide our efforts and serve as a perpetual framework for our actions throughout our seven-year plan and beyond. For example, when we negotiate partnerships with others, these principles form the cornerstone of the relationship. When we strike working groups, these principles govern our deliberations and actions. When we evaluate innovative ideas, these pillars act as our benchmark, our measuring stick. So ultimately, if there is any question about the right path forward, these principles are the compass that guides our actions and decisions.  

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Person and Family-
Centered Care


Everything begins with Mission

Our advocacy, compassion, spirit of innovation, and commitment to social justice can be directly traced to our founding Sisters. They were on a mission that we have carried forward to today, in a modern context. 

Ethics are fundamental to all we do

Ethical decision-making is a vibrant and dynamic field of study and practice. At Providence we hold ourselves, and each other, to the highest ideals and continue to probe and explore the discipline of ethics and ethical practice. 

Proactive financial and
environmental stewardship

At its foundation, our sustainability plan is about ensuring we can continue to pursue our Mission into the future.

Partners in care

Partnering with those we serve, and their families — however they define their families — in their own care is now a well-accepted path to the best experience and outcomes.