The New St. Paul’s Hospital and Health Campus Project is about more than just the design and construction of a new hospital and the Clinical Support and Research Centre (CSRC).

It’s also about transforming care – making changes (some of them big) to our processes, practices, procedures and patient care in order to make differences in the experience and outcomes for the people we serve. Afterall, if we continue to do what we’ve always done, but in shiny new buildings, we’ll miss a huge opportunity to enhance the health care system for British Columbians – and for ourselves.

First, let’s recap what happened in 2021: The foundational pieces started to take shape for care transformation – also known as ‘Health System Redesign’. A roadmap for how we’ll integrate Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) into everything we do was finalized and endorsed by your Senior Leadership Team. Practicing Value-Based Health Care is a goal under our Exceptional Quality, Safety & Value strategic direction in Providence’s Mission: Forward Strategic Plan.

An Outpatient Services Assessment and Evaluation Framework was developed and piloted to help plan outpatient services at the new campus. Roadshows of the Integrated Patient Programs helped leaders and medical staff understand the concept and get their ideas and input as we evolve the model. Workflows were mapped, and work started in most areas documenting how we’ll provide care at the new campus.

In 2022, the focus will shift from building design to clinical re-design:

After the hospital’s 70% detailed design phase wraps up this summer the focus for clinical teams will shift to giving input into clinical planning and design. Each area will continue the work of documenting its current state versus its future models of care, staffing models, and clinical pathways (or care plans). We’ll also map patient journeys.

Work will continue on Value-Based Health Care  – which prioritizes the outcomes that matter to the people we serve as a way to drive our quality and efficiency. We’ll identify a Value Team who will develop VBHC expertise, lead its early implementation, and who will educate, mentor, support and champion VBHC across Providence over the next few years.

The pilot of the Outpatient Services Assessment and Evaluation Framework will finish in January 2022, and then by the end of this summer we’ll apply the Framework to all outpatient services that are currently in St. Paul’s Hospital.

A roadmap for the Integrated Patient Program (IPP) Model will be developed to guide implementation, and we’ll will work with a few clinical areas identified as ‘early adopters’ to further evolve the model. If the IPP model is new to you, IPPs are a way of organizing ourselves — more around the needs and outcomes of patients with similar types of medical issues, and less around a specialty or provider.

Integrated Patient Programs are supported by Resource Platforms – those services that many, if not all, patients within an Integrated Patient Program interact with and receive support from  – services such as Outpatient Services, Inpatient Services, Emergency Department, Critical Care, Rehabilitation, Informatics, etc.  The IPP Model works to create the conditions and systems that support the adoption of Value-Based Health Care.

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