Even though the new St. Paul’s Hospital won’t open for another five years, important decisions about equipment are being made already, with input from hospital and Providence staff.

The Equipment Team on the New St. Paul’s Hospital and Health Campus Project has developed a mammoth equipment list of over 42,000 items just for the hospital — there’s a separate list for the Clinical Support and Research Centre! About 70% of equipment will be new, and this needs to be sourced, evaluated and bought. The list is organized into five categories, with each category requiring multiple vendors and tender packages (i.e. ‘a lot of work’).​

In 2022, all vendors for MAJOR IMPACT hospital equipment will be chosen

  • In 2022, the Project’s Equipment Team will be procuring all vendors for Category A Equipment (i.e. has a MAJOR impact on infrastructure) needed for the new hospital. This includes medical imaging equipment (like CT Scanners and MRIs that are fixed into place), bedpan w​ashers (which will be built-in to each inpatient washroom), kitchen equipment (including the new food prep Nutrition Centres in each inpatient unit), fume hoods, bio safety cabinets. etc.
    • Evaluation committees, which have reps from all departments impacted by the equipment, are set up for each tender package. They will help finalize bidding packages, evaluate vendor proposals, participate in vendor presentations and determine the preferred/selected vendor.
    • Selected vendors will then work with us and PCL Construction to finalize room design this year, and eventually to install and commission equipment and train staff.
  • This summer we’ll also start procuring a furniture vendor (Category D) for the new hospital who will work with us and PCL Construction to finalize quantities and placement in the new hospital. Furniture selection is expected to finish by spring 2024, followed by ordering and installation of furniture in 2026.
  • At the end of 2022, we’ll start sourcing vendors for Category B equipment (i.e. has a MEDIUM impact on the hospital’s infrastructure, like some surgical and interventional equipment).
  • Meanwhile, the Equipment Team will continue to refine the 13,000+ item equipment list for the Clinical Support and Research Centre and engage Providence stakeholders when equipment specs and buying decisions need to be made.​

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