In 2021, the New St. Paul’s Hospital and Health Campus Project made a TON of progress bringing our new hospital’s design to reality: PCL Construction was selected as the hospital’s Design-Builder, and they shared the initial concept design and immediately started consulting with clinical and non-clinical representatives to fine-tune that design by providing floorplans, paper mockups and virtual mockups to help teams visualize future spaces. We launched so staff could look at floorplans, ask questions and give input. By the end of the year, sessions had wrapped up that gathered staff input for the 50% detailed design stage which locked down the location of all rooms, and the size and location of departments and major flows of people and equipment were also locked down.

This year will be another action-packed year. Here’s what to expect in 2022:

In 2022, hospital design will near the finishing line:

  • Work will continue on fine-tuning the detailed design and the 70% stage will run from February to July focusing on all the finishing details for rooms from headwall design and the location of light switches, chairs, carts, flooring, countertops and equipment. You can view all the floorplans on (log in using the red button and your network login)​.
  • In February, teams will give input into headwall design and a few representatives from select areas will view cardboard mockups of some key recurring rooms that need further consideration before we move to room finishing details.
  • Then this fall, PCL Construction will host fully built mock up rooms so your representatives giving input into design can walk inside rooms, move beds, carts, and equipment around, and test out routines to make sure we’ve got the final details right. This will give us a good idea of what our future will look like.
  • In 2022, work on the building’s exterior design, wayfinding, signage, and public art will continue.
  • After the 70% detailed design phase wraps up the focus for clinical teams will shift to giving input into clinical planning and design – how you’ll work and provide care in new patient- and family-centred spaces, outfitted with new or improved technology. Remember, we’re not just building a new hospital – we’re transforming care too. This includes developing new models of care, embedding Value-Based Health Care into everything we do, organizing ourselves around Integrated Patient Programs, and outpatient services planning.
  • By the end of 2022, we will have finished the 90% detailed design stage – meaning the design of clinical spaces is almost complete and the rest of the building’s engineering and mechanical design is catching up ….so close to the finish line!

We all owe a debt of gratitude to the leaders, staff, clinicians, medical staff and Patient and Caregiver Partners who provide design input by serving on leadership committees, Steering Committees, User Groups, and Working Groups. It’s not easy work at the best of times, let alone when COVID rules our work and lives. Thank you for your time, talents and input as together we transform care and design our future hospital and health campus.

If you have a question about this work or the New St. Paul’s Hospital and Health Campus Project ask it here at (log in using the red button and your network login), email or leave a comment below.​