In 2021, the New St. Paul’s Hospital and Health Campus Project achieved a major (and long anticipated) milestone — 
construction kicked off at Station Street
. Yes, it REALLY is happening!  Fencing went up, trailers and webcams arrived and a 
blessing ceremony took place and was attended by PHC representatives, partners and the sovereign host N​ations​​
. PCL Construction hosted a 
virtual Community Open House
 to outline construction progress over the next 5 years. The site became a hub of digging and hauling. And by the end 2021, when 
the Lights of Hope appeared at Station Street for the first time
, excavation of the ground where the hospital will stand had almost reached the half-way point.

This year will be another action-packed one over at Station Street.

In 2022 the new hospital will start to rise up from the ground

  • The majority of excavation is expected to finish in Spring 2022. PCL will have dug down 12 metres below sea level, all the way to glacial till, to ensure the new hospital is built on solid, stable ground improving its ability to withstand earthquakes and floods.
  • Anchoring the secant wall will finish in 2022. This huge underground waterproof concrete fortress will surround the hospital’s foundation to help protect it from erosion, groundwater, floods, and rising sea levels.

The secant wall consists of about 900 interlocking waterproofed concrete pillars installed underground at the hospital’s perimeter to protect the hospital from erosion, groundwater, floods and rising sea levels.​

  • In early spring the first of four or five construction cranes will arrive, signaling the start of the ‘building’ phase. There will be fewer trucks hauling excavated dirt, and instead trucks will be delivering concrete as the concrete slabs for each floor are poured, starting with the 4-level underground parkade and working up.
  • By the end of 2022, the structure of our n​ew hospital may start to become visible above ground!
  • During 2022 the ‘civil’ work will continue – this involves laying the underground infrastructure for water, sewer, hydro, telecommunication and gas lines, but also includes new roads and sidewalks. The civil work will take about two years.
  • You can watch construction on our live webcam…or check out the webcam TV outside the cafeteria at St. Paul’s Hospital.

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