After launching our Mission: Forward in April, determining how the strategic plan becomes real for our organization is the next piece of work needing to be tackled.

Need a refresher on our Mission: Forward? Watch our newest video where President & CEO Fiona Dalton talks through our new strategic plan directions, goals and foundational principles, and hear some examples of what those look like:

First up: what do we need to accomplish in 2019/20 to advance our strategic direction’s seven-year goals?

  • In April and May, a sub-working group of CLT (i.e., Clinical Leadership Team, comprised of program directors and physician program directors) and Corporate Support Leaders worked together to identify the most important work that we need to get right, first.
  • These agreed-upon pieces of work were reviewed and endorsed by the Clinical Leadership Team, Medical Advisory Committee (or, MAC, which is the Senior Medical Administrative body for all Medical Staff in the organization) and our Senior Leadership Team (i.e., SLT, who manage the day-to-day operations of the organization).
  • The outcome is a list of first-year accomplishments that takes into consideration what we know about our current organizational capacity – particularly in anticipation of CST – available budget, our in-flight priorities and the window of time we’ve given ourselves to complete these actions (one year!).
  • It’s not meant to be an exhaustive list of all the work going on in the organization – but rather, it’s intended to highlight the main things we are striving to accomplish in 2019/20 to advance towards our 7-year goals.

Check out the work we are going to tackle in 2019/2 (PDF of this content also attached below). The list is a great springboard for a conversation with your leader – how is the work that you and team doing aligned with/ contributing to this? Are there things that your area should be doing more or less of to ensure we’re successful?

Next, up: We know that CST is foundational to our digital health strategy and to get it right we need to focus on it. We also know new work will inevitably surface. So how do we get the work done that we need to in order to advance our organizational goals, while staying responsive and innovative?

  • An approach to vetting new work requests has been created as a way to support the intake of new work.
  • This approach supports programs in independently advancing ideas that align with the strategic plan, have program leadership support and capacity, have a funding source and don’t require other organizational resources. If other organizational resources are required, an intake route has been outlined.

Take a look at the approach we are going to take to evaluate the intake of new work (PDF of this content also attached below), and use it as a prompt for conversation with your leader about what this means for the work that you’re doing, and the work your program/department/service aspires to get done.

If you have any questions about any of the above information, or about our Mission: Forward in general, please be in touch: