Providence Health Care Strategic Plan

Our Seven-Year Mission: Forward

As individuals within a mission-driven organization, many of us feel very close to our “why.” We choose to be part of Providence Health Care because we value the organization’s long commitment to social justice and compassionate care, and its commitment to the process of Truth and Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

We love the “can-do” attitude. When people need help, we’re there. Even if it’s hard, or risky, or unknown. We love that our colleagues share these values and likewise, feel called to help make a real difference in the lives of those we serve every single day.

Latest News

Our mission has launched. Now the work of translating our 7-year strategic plan and aspirational goals into our day-to-day begins. How we will tackle it all? In short: we will do it together, little by little, through talking and listening. And a lot of action. Stay on top of the latest news of how we’re bringing our plan to life!

“We’re on a mission to define the future of health care in British Columbia. For all of us, this is a remarkable opportunity to create a Providence that will lead at the forefront of exceptional care and innovation. This is our mission going forward.”

— mission: forward

Strategic Directions

Our four Strategic Directions are a set of priorities that will help us organize and plan our work over the next seven years. We are able to flourish in this work because of the roots established by the Foundational Principles.

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Exceptional Quality,
Safety & Value

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Inspiring People
& Teams

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Discover, Learn
& Innovate For Impact

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Partner to
Transform Health Care

“We could be satisfied with all we have accomplished. But we aren’t. The opportunities in front of us compel us to do more— much more.”

— Fiona Dalton, CEO and President Providence Health Care

Foundational Principles

These five principles are the roots of Mission: Forward and provide the foundation for our actions and decisions. They guide our efforts and serve as a perpetual framework for our actions throughout our seven-year plan, and beyond.

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Everything begins with Mission
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Hearing truth, pursuing justice, building relationships
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Ethics are fundamental to all that we do
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Proactive financial and environmental stewardship
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Partners in Care

“While Providence is accountable for implementation, whether those efforts are making a difference can only be assessed by Indigenous partners. This work is inherently relational, and partnerships form the foundation of the work. Providence cannot do this work alone — it must be done in full collaboration with, and accountability to, Indigenous Peoples.”

— Indigenous Wellness and Reconciliation Action Plan

Indigenous Wellness and Reconciliation Action Plan

As a health care organization, we deeply apologize for systemic and interpersonal racism experienced by First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples that have accessed, and are accessing, care from us. 

The Indigenous Wellness and Reconciliation Action Plan (IWRAP) is the first of its kind at Providence, and is in direct support of the findings shared in the watershed report, In Plain Sight.

This plan guides Providence’s collective commitment to taking action. Grounded in humility, the plan’s actions are anchored to the recommendations of In Plain Sight and other key reports, to address systemic anti-Indigenous racism in the healthcare system, and advance Indigenous Wellness, Reconciliation and Human Rights.

This Action Plan outlines five-year goals with preliminary one to two-year actions.

 Its Foundational Principles mirror those of Mission: Forward, and describe what the principles mean in the context of Indigenous wellness and reconciliation. They guide how Providence will show up in the implementation of this action plan, and in relationships with Indigenous Peoples.

Materials Available to Download

We encourage you to download these materials for distribution, and to use the branded templates and logos for Mission: Forward-related communication and presentations.

Strategic Plan (pdf)
Strategic Plan (pdf)
Indigenous Wellness and Reconciliation Action Plan (pdf)
Indigenous Wellness and Reconciliation Action Plan (pdf)
Mission: Forward 2023-24 Work Plan (pdf)
Mission: Forward 2023-24 Work Plan (pdf)

“For us to achieve our goals, every person and every team at Providence needs to embrace this plan as our own.”

— mission: forward

Our Year Ahead

Mission: Forward exists to guide the work that we commit and aspire to.

For 2022, 9 Priority Strategic Initiatives will drive change and advance our seven-year goals. Additionally, 3 Unique/Episodic Operational Initiatives require our focus and resourcing. This work has been identified because of its reach across the organization.


In the fall of 2018, we spent six weeks engaging more than 40% of the organization, including our clinical, allied health, and medical staff, researchers, volunteers, corporate and administrative staff, St. Paul’s Foundation staff and leadership, those we serve in our acute facilities and residential homes, well as the PHC Board, Society and senior leaders. The outcome was a seven-year strategic plan that we can all feel connected to and be proud of.

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